Not Your Average Exam

Glasses, contacts- check on all your eye health needs, our team is here to help you see!
Eye Exams

Poor vision and eye diseases are not limited to any age, sex or ethnic group. Our Doctor does his very best to assess your eye needs and give you the best exam possible, for the best correction possible. 

Retinal Imaging

We try to use the latest technology to help with your vision needs. Our Optos Retinal Imager is one of the best ways for us to check in on your eye health.

Contact Lens Exam 

Dr. Swindell & Associates specializes in contact lens services, as well. After checking the overall health of your eyes, the doctor will fit you with the best contact lens option for your personal lifestyle and overall needs. 

Dr. Douglas Swindell

Dr.Swindell if the owner of this fine practice, and has been working in optometry for over 20 years. He as also been a partner to LensCrafters for over 20 years as well. He works closely with the LesCrafters Team of Associates to take care of your vision needs, and get you into the best fit for glasses and contacts! 

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