Eye Exams and Contacts

You depend on your vision to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. While here, Dr. Swindell will not only test the refraction (vision correction) of your eyes, but also the overall health. Early detection is the best way to avoid vision loss later in life. Many diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and high cholesterol, show their earliest signs through the eyes. Eye diseases often show no symptoms that you would notice until after significant damage has been done. 

Our facility offers the latest and greatest in eye care. Our trained staff are ready to assist you in your vision journey, be it through glasses or contacts, we have what you need. Our Doctors will give you an in depth vision check, checking on the health of your eye, as well as giving you the correction your eyes need. If you decide you would like contacts, we are able to work with you on that as well. Once the general exam is done, we will take you over to our Contact Lens room and get you set up with some trails! 

Eye Exam!


Our facility uses some of the best equipment to check the health of your eyes! One thing we use during our exams is our OptoMap, which gives us a digital image of your retina and blood vessels, as well as the optic nerve! This image can help our doctors make an early diagnosis of any ocular concerns  and other health problems. Our digital eye exam provides an advanced and precise eye care experience for your best vision, as well as helping to diagnose health problems like diabetes, cataracts and retinal tears. 

Contact Lens Exam!


So you're considering contacts? We are excited to help you navigate that field. We have trained associates who will sit with you and help you train to get contacts in and out. Our doctors will assess which lens best fit your busy lifestyle. We can help find the right contacts for your prescription including dailies, two week, and monthly lens options. There are even multi-focal options to evolve with your vision needs. They can be very beneficial to an active lifestyle, and a great alternative to rotate with your eyeglasses, so be sure to ask us at your next visit.